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Grid impact studies and grid code compliance for renewable energy sources

Over the past 10 years NEPCO has carried out a series of auctions to develop renewable energy projects in Jordan. CESI was hired by several project developers to analyse the impact of new PV solar and wind power plants on the reliability and operation of the Jordanian power system, and to provide recommendations for how they could meet NEPCO’s requirements on the security, reliability, operational integrity and efficiency of the power system. 

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Confirm that any proposed new power plant was compliant with applicable NEPCO reliability standards
  • Confirm that the NEPCO transmission system could cope with the maximum power production of the project
  • Assess the impact of the proposed project on the reliability of the existing power system and transmission network, considering:
    • Thermal Impact
    • Voltage Impact
    • Short Circuit Impact
    • Power Quality Impact
  • Evaluate options to eliminate adverse reliability impacts resulting from the integration of renewable generation

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