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Feasibility studies for the Mozambique-Zambia transmission line

Feasibility studies  for the Mozambique-Zambia transmission line
The project, under the aegis of the Southern Africa Power Pool (SAPP), aims to mitigate power deficits in Zambia, eliminate transmission bottlenecks and help cost-effective cross-border regional power trade, through a techno-economic feasibility study, a detailed design and tender to build a 400 kV transmission line from Mozambique to Eastern Zambia and upgrade the substations at each end of the line, taking into consideration future power sector developments in both countries and the SAPP. The project is split into four phases:
  • Study of possible alternatives and screening and best option selection
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Detailed design and tender documents
  • Training and knowledge transfer
CESI was responsible for Phase I, including data collection, demand forecasts, identifying options for power line routes and substation layouts, identifying interconnector characteristics, network analysis, economic and financial analysis, overall assessment and selecting the best option. CESI experts also provided support in phase II and III, including training courses on best practices and tools for planning.
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