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Defence and Restoration Plan for Senegal

Defence and restoration plan for Senegal high voltage network

In recent years, Senegal’s network has faced a resurgence of blackouts that can lead to the collapse of all or part of the network, despite the introduction of forecasting and real-time management by SENELEC, the national TSO, to enhance the operational safety of its electrical system.

It has also had to deal with the gradual integration of renewable energies onto its interconnected network and the strengthening of its transport and distribution grids.

SENELEC selected CESI as technical consultant to set up a defence and restoration plan for its high voltage network to increase the reliability and continuity of electrical supply and minimise the risk of blackouts.

CESI’s consultancy activities include:

  • Elaboration of a defence plan
  • Elaboration of a restoration plan
  • Preparation of functional specifications for implementing the defence and restoration plan
  • Implementation of a detailed training programme to enhance the capacity of SENELEC’s dispatchers and experts
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