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Smart Grid Roadmap in Viet Nam

Smart grid roadmap and implementation support for the National power Transmission Corporation of Vietnam

The aim of the project, financed and commissioned by the World Bank, was to support National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT), a subsidiary of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and the Transmission System Operator, in refining its existing smart grid road map to enhance the stability and reliability of the power system, boost productivity and reduce technical and commercial losses.
CESI was chosen to perform a detailed cost benefit analysis of individual smart grid applications, assessing barriers, risks and implications that could arise during the roadmap implementation.

The roadmap was needed to:

  • Evaluate the lessons learnt by international TSOs on existing smart grid schemes
  • Analyse costs, benefits and related implementation risks for the programme
  • Define priority areas of deployment, following specific guidelines (e.g. areas with high level of losses, areas with high level of SAIDI and SAIFI, areas with high number of new connections, etc.)
  • Analyse existing local regulatory framework and related adaption to new smart grid applications, such as the proposal of new regulations or changes to existing rules
  • Provide performance metrics to monitor the progress of the smart grids programme
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Viet Nam
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Grid modernization
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