21 . 12 . 2015
EuroAsia InterConnector
NICOSIA, Dec. 18, 2015 – The EuroAsia InterConnector, the 1,518 km subsea power cable connecting the Israeli, Greek and Cypriot power grids to continental Europe, entered its final stage on Friday, with the project promoter awarding three studies that will lead to implementation and commissioning. The EuroAsia InterConnector officially awarded the three studies to two […]
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03 . 12 . 2015
Med-TSO market studies
CESI has been awarded a contract by Med-TSO through an international call for tender. It is the first integrated Euro-Mediterranean market study proposed by the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators. The Euro-Mediterranean Region share the European necessity to enhance the coordination of  the development plans and  the electric grids operation  in order  to achieve  the benefits […]
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01 . 12 . 2015
EJ: December’s issue is now available
​This new issue of CESI’s Energy Journal opens with an event that has kept Italy in the World’s spotlight – Milano Expo 2015 – and focuses on to the next edition planned in Dubai in 2020. The Dubai Expo will be a “zero impact” event, concentrating on intrinsic environmental sustainability. Today both the United States […]
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27 . 11 . 2015
International Workshop on regulation for Smart Grids
​CESI @ International Workshop on regulation for Smart Grids (CIGRÉ BRASIL) 2015 in Botafogo-Rio de Janeiro. The event is a joint initiative of CIGRÉ Study committees-Brazil: • B5:(protection and Automation) • C2 (operation and control systems) • C6 (Distributed generation and distribution systems) • D2 (information and Telecommunication systems for Electrical Systems) Aims to discuss regulatory issues for Smart […]
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26 . 10 . 2015
Smart Grids: Empowering Cities!
​On October 15th, Matteo Codazzi was invited to chair the panelNEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR ENERGY NETWORKS IMPROVEMENT AND SMART URBAN SERVICES at “Smart Grids: Empowering Cities!”, an international workshop held at Enel’s Smart Lab, near CESI’s Headquarters in Milan. During the workshop, all the international guests were invited to visit EXPO 2015, which is the first greenfield […]
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01 . 10 . 2015
2015 INMR World Congress
CESI is pleased toconfirm its presence at the 2015 INMR World Congress that will take place from October 18th till October 21st, 2015 in Munich, Germany. The 2015 INMR World Congress is theglobalmajor event for Insulators, Arresters, Bushings & Cable Accessories industry and willgather over 120 international experts from theElectricUtilityIndustry,Research andTestingOrganizations,Universities,Manufacturers and IndustryAssociations. The conference […]
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30 . 09 . 2015
CESI further expands its presence in the UAE
​CESI Middle East opens a new branch in Abu Dhabi, aiming at catering to the rapidly growing renewable energy sector in the UAE’s capital. The new offices are located in Masdar City – catalyst of the Clean Energy Industry in the UAE – providing the company with an additional hub to further strengthen and solidify […]
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09 . 09 . 2015
Bogota, from 9 to 11 September 2015, the Committee on Regional Energy Integration – CIER has decided to organize, through its transmission area and its Colombian CERTAIN COCIER Committee, the “International Seminar on Sustainable Development Project Power Transmission” – SIDESTE CIER 2015 9-11 September, focused on “Lessons and challenges of project management electricity transmission”. CESI […]
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07 . 09 . 2015
Oman’s Renewable Energy Project
Oman’s Renewable Energy Projects to be overseen by Industry Experts and Consultants from CESI Middle East CESI Middle East has been awarded a contract by the Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAECo) to provide technical consulting services for  the implementation of  renewable energy projects, thus paving the way for a more sustainable future in Oman. CESI […]
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06 . 09 . 2015
Seminario Nacional de Producao e Transmissao de Energia Eletrica
CESI will participate at the Seminario Nacional de Producao e Transmissao de Energia Eletrica (SNPTEE) 2015 in Foz do Iguaçu from 18th to 21st October 2015. The SNPTEE is the most important technical event in Brazil. SNPTEE aims to share experiences, information, expertise and technical know-how for improving quality, productivity and competitiveness of the electrical […]
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