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EuroAsia InterConnector

EuroAsia InterConnector
21 . Dec . 2015

NICOSIA, Dec. 18, 2015 – The EuroAsia InterConnector, the 1,518 km subsea power cable connecting the Israeli, Greek and Cypriot power grids to continental Europe, entered its final stage on Friday, with the project promoter awarding three studies that will lead to implementation and commissioning.
The EuroAsia InterConnector officially awarded the three studies to two Italian companies, CESI S.p.A. and GAS S.r.l, both leaders in their respective fields. The studies are for the technical design, the reconnaissance study for the optimum route and an environmental impact study.  All of them are expected to be completed during 2016.

During the ceremony, in cooperation with the European Parliament Office in Nicosia, held in the presence of Cyprus Transport Minister Marios Demetriades, the project’s CEO, Nasos Ktorides, and Project Director, George Killas, signed the commissioning contracts for the three surveys on the environmental impact, technical design and route of the project to the winning companies.

After the signing ceremony, Gianluca Marini said that “we are excited to be involved with this ‘electricity highway’ that will help the united European energy market cope with an increasingly variable and decentralised electricity supply and flexible electricity demand. The technical survey for the design of the EuroAsia InterConnector, as well as the environmental impact study awarded to CESI S.p.A will also prove the capability of European-made innovation and self-reliance in a highly competitive global market .”

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