12 . 12 . 2016
EJ’s news issue: looking ahead
​The last issue of Energy Journal opens a window on the future of the electricity sector in order to highlight its primary developments. In “Electricity’s future: no killer app to be resilient” it is highlighted the vision of the top management of Enel and Terna, the President of the Italian Energy Authority, and that of […]
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16 . 10 . 2016
Interconnection forum Berlin 11.11.2016
​Celebration for the 60th anniversary of CESI and IPH. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of CESI and IPH Berlin we are delighted to announce the INTERCONNECTION FORUM 2016 that will be held on November 11th 2016 at the Hotel Maritim in Berlin. The representatives of International Transmission Network Operators and HVDC components, together […]
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12 . 10 . 2016
CESI consultant for the Omani Electricity Authority
​The Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman has appointed CESI FZE as their experienced consultant in the technical integration of rooftop solar PV systems to develop standards/ guidelines for connecting grid-connected rooftop solar PV systems. In this assignment, CESI is required to assist the Authority in developing technical integration standards and rules to ensure the connection […]
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21 . 09 . 2016
Renewables: a study by CESI and WEC
​Renewables, including hydro, now account for over 30% of the total global installed power generation capacity and 23% of total global electricity production. In the past 10 years, wind and solar PV have witnessed an explosive average annual growth of 23% and 50% respectively, although their combined contribution to the global electricity supply is currently […]
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14 . 07 . 2016
2016 CESI Convention: Energy, what’s next?
​Some of the most important players have discussed  about it during the 2016 CESI Convention. Nowadays, the world is embarking on an unprecedented energy revolution in terms of both scale and urgency. Almost every day,  news on investments in renewables as well as in technological innovations follow one another in the media. This scenario has […]
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14 . 06 . 2016
Formazione per addetti ai lavori su impianti F.O. Enel
Formazione per addetti ai lavori su impianti di telecomunicazione realizzati in reti di fibra ottica (ENEL G. M. LELE08) per dettagli e preiscrizioniclicca qui In osservanza degli aspetti tecnici e qualitativi contenuti nel documento emesso da Enel Acquisti “Requisiti di base per la qualificazione delle imprese”  (G. M. LELE08) con particolare riferimento alla formazione del […]
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24 . 05 . 2016
Dissesto Idrogeologico: Forum 2016
Le infrastrutture come telaio diagnostico  per monitorare il territorio Giovedì 26 maggio – ore 9.30 Associazione Civita – Sala Gianfranco Imperatori  Piazza Venezia 11,Roma Il Forum sarà occasione di confronto sullo stato delle grandi infrastrutture in Italia e sul tema dell’internet of things, come “telaio diagnostico” per monitorare le vulnerabilità idrogeologiche del territorio, trasmettere informazioni […]
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23 . 05 . 2016
Ismes on Tg1 about monuments’ monitoring
​On May 16, Tg1, the mostwatched Italian newscast, broadcasted during its prime time edition  a brief reportage about the monitoring system that CESI through Ismes manages to safeguard some of the most important Italian historical monuments. The reportage was shot on the St Mark’s Campanile and it shows how the system works and what are […]
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04 . 05 . 2016
EJ’s new issue: the energy revolution
​The new issue of Energy Journal depicts the energy revolution underway today, from Latin America to the Middle East, Africa and Europe, and explores how countries are making a concrete commitment to resolving the greatest challenge facing their future: climate change. In this sense, the top story of EJ shows why and how Paris extends […]
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26 . 04 . 2016
​Mark your calendar for the 2016 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition. More than 700 companies and thousands of professionals from more than 80 countries around the world will converge on Dallas for the biggest and most collaborative show in the T&D industry.  New ideas. Emerging technologies. The most innovative products. It is a huge opportunity […]
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