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CESI consultant for the Omani Electricity Authority

CESI consultant for the Omani Electricity Authority
12 . Oct . 2016

​The Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman has appointed CESI FZE as their experienced consultant in the technical integration of rooftop solar PV systems to develop standards/ guidelines for connecting grid-connected rooftop solar PV systems .
In this assignment, CESI is required to assist the Authority in developing technical integration standards and rules to ensure the connection of rooftop solar PV systems to distribution network will not jeopardize the safety and reliability of the electricity infrastructure and the quality of the power supply.
Electricity supply in Oman has increased by approximately 140% over the past ten years in response to increase demand. This high growth in electricity supply is expected to continue in the coming future due to an increasing population.
The solar energy density in Oman is among the highest in the world which gives a significant scope for developing solar energy resources throughout the country to provide sufficient electricity to meet all of Oman’s domestic electricity requirements. A recent study completed by the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (“PAEW”) in collaboration with German GIZ and Fraunhofer Institute established that rooftop solar PV systems installed across the country could technically generate 1.4 GW of renewable energy.
However, despite the significant solar energy potential, the country continues to completely depend on power generated from the conventional fossil fuels power plants (gas & diesel). This raises a big concern on the sustainability and security of electricity supply in the country taking into consideration availability and cost of local fossil fuels, and the opportunity to address such concerns due to the reduction in solar PV technology prices. The Authority would like to establish a governance structure that it hopes will provide customers with the framework for deployment of small-scale grid-connected rooftop solar PV systems.

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