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International Workshop on regulation for Smart Grids

International Workshop on regulation for Smart Grids
27 . Nov . 2015

CESI @ International Workshop on regulation for Smart Grids (CIGRÉ BRASIL) 2015 in Botafogo-Rio de Janeiro.

The event is a joint initiative of CIGRÉ Study committees-Brazil:
• B5:(protection and Automation)
• C2 (operation and control systems)
• C6 (Distributed generation and distribution systems)
• D2 (information and Telecommunication systems for electrical Systems)

Aims to discuss regulatory issues for Smart Grids in Brazil and abroad, from the point of view of the most used technologies , is at the research institutes or companies through the optical adjustment for Smart Grids and the internal and external funding sources for projects of Smart Grids.
In addition, will be addressed aspects related to smart cities of the future, considering the impact that the use of Smart grids will have in the management, organization, Optimization of energy resources and the sustainability of cities. The ultimate goal of the event is the dissemination of knowledge in the area of Smart Grids as well as the formulation of a proposal with technical suggestions for improvement of the regulatory area of Smart Grids in Brazil, the various Studies committees involved, to be forwarded by the competent authorities.

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