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02 . 12 . 2020
CESI keeps supporting Distance Learning and the fight against COVID-19
CESI Group has decided to support schools in Milan, by providing 18 laptops to guarantee the continuity of distance learning during lockdown.
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14 . 09 . 2020
EJ Latest Issue – The Pandemic Crisis: Energetic Recovery
our latest issue of Energy Journal (The Pandemic Crisis: Energetic Recovery) focuses on how COVID-19 has represented a stress test for the energy system and on what this means for our energy future
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03 . 08 . 2020
The impact of the current pandemic on the power sector – a New Report by CESI
To better understand the critical issues caused by the COVID-19 emergency, CESI has prepared a study that reveals how the pandemic lockdown opened up a new window onto the future
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08 . 06 . 2020
Our fundraising to support the fight against COVID-19
CESI's fundraising to support the fight against COVID-19 includes donations to Luigi Sacco Hospital, Caritas, and the donation of laptops to schools
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