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EJ latest issue – Change of Pace: From Fossils to Renewables

EJ latest issue – Change of Pace: From Fossils to Renewables
22 . Dec . 2020

The energy transition has not been blocked by the pandemic. As a matter of fact, it has accelerated some of the trends that were already underway and that will usher us into the future.

In this respect, the latest issue of EJ, CESI’s Energy Journal, “Change of Pace: From Fossils to Renewables” focuses on the scenarios, technologies, and government policies of countries that are promoting green initiatives and allocating funds to fight climate change.

We stared, in the “Scenario” section, with providing an outlook of how humans have always had to face the same issue: how to obtain the most energy from available resources, in order to compare them in “One on One”, where fossil fuels are analyzed in contrast with renewables. In addition, in “Opinions” we reviewed the ideas of Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, a prominent figure in the debate on the relations between environmental impact, use of resources, and climate change.

As the debate on energy sources is becoming increasingly crucial for the future of our planet, “Top Story” addressed how, in the first semester 2020, renewables gained an edge on fossil fuels in Europe. Similarly, in the “Industries & Countries” section, we looked not only at Europe, but also at China, the United States, and many other countries that are shifting their energy systems towards renewables. In this respect, the “Future & Technology” section reported on how CESI, in order to guarantee efficiency and reliability to the sector, is continuing to enrich its system flexibility testing activities and conducting the impact analyses and conformity studies required to integrate VRES into power grids. In this regard, this issue of EJ presented a case study represented by the project analysis developed by CESI and Enel for the development of an important interconnection system in a rather complex geographical context between Chile and Argentina.

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