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Météorage acquires CESI SIRF

Météorage acquires CESI SIRF
03 . Dec . 2020

Today, December 3 rd , Météorage acquires the lightning unit of CESI SIRF Italy from the CESI Group . “The disposal of CESI SIRF lightning unit”, said Matteo Codazzi, CEO of CESI Group , “will allow our Group to focus even more on our core business”.

With today’s acquisition, Météorage, provider of lightning risk prevention solutions, subsidiary of Météo France, follows its development strategy but, simultaneously, ensures the continuity of personal and property security services for the entire CESI SIRF customer base . According to the deal, the French provider acquires CESI SIRF’s:

  • operational center
  • 15 latest-generation sensors and their installation contracts
  • supplier and partner contracts
  • clients’ contracts, which include Italian utilities, international ports and airports, provinces and their ARPA – Italian regional agencies for environmental protection

The deal is beneficial for both parts involved: “Our CESI SIRF unit had a long-standing relationship with Météorage ”, according to our CEO, Matteo Codazzi, who added that “thanks to its history and vision, Météorage is the best partner to take over the SIRF asset and experience also to the benefit of our clients. In this respect, our power consultants will continue to build upon Météorage/SIRF services in order to provide innovative solutions to our utility clients worldwide”, he specified. “We have historically had a very good working relationship with the CESI Group”, echoed Dominique Lapeyre de Chavardès, President of Météorage . “We will continue to work in this direction with CESI’s Consulting division”, explained Lapeyre de Chavardès.

Furthermore, the CEO of CESI stated that, thanks to the agreement, our Group can “focus even more on our core business, as the energy sector is undergoing a deep transformation . Through the combination of our KEMA laboratories worldwide, and the expertise of our talented professionals, we are uniquely positioned to provide our global customers with innovative services related to the energy transition. For instance, in these days we are launching our Remote L@b Experience , a new way of testing power grids components in our labs from remote. Wearing interactive glasses that provide an Augmented reality experience mixed with collaborative IT solutions, our experts interact, in real time, with customers who live the same experience as being in our labs – even if sat in their offices, miles away, or in the comfort of their homes”, concluded Matteo Codazzi.

Read the full press release to know more about the acquisition .

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