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Discover more about the energy issues through the technical papers written by our experts
10 . 12 . 2019
Cesare Pertot
Photochemical Pollution Modelling In Complex Terrain
Ozone is considered one of the most significant pollutants with respect to the potential impacts to human health and natural ecosystem, both in terms of critical episodes and as long-term exposures. Consequently, in order to assess the comprehensive effects of photochemical pollution, not only ozone peak concentrations need to be examined, but also ozone exposures […]
14 . 03 . 2019
Bruno Cova
Evaluation of the energy storage systems impact on the Italian ancillary market
The increasing of Renewable Energy Source (RES) generation requires power systems to become more flexible, in order to manage injections variability and uncertainty at various timeframes. Energy storage systems, such as electrochemical technologies, represent a broadly deployable asset, which could support effectively RES deployment. The present paper describes a Mixed Integer Linear-constrained Programming (MILP) model […]
08 . 01 . 2019
Aaron Snyder
The Resiliency Continuum
Storm damage can wreak havoc on the electrical distribution system and instantaneously create a major impact on those who continuously depend on unfettered access to electrical energy. “Keeping the lights on” is a bedrock principle of utility operations, but is increasingly being challenged by more frequent and turbulent natural disasters. The quest for greater utility […]
06 . 02 . 2014
Giacomo Chiarini
Certification of recharging stations for electric vehicles
The evaluation of conformity of electric products has for years now been a warranty element in the market. Certifying Bodies work in a consolidated way and are acknowledged by national and international reference organizations. The arrival of new products in the market, in particular those for which wide diffusion and usability by the public is […]
27 . 08 . 2012
HVDC link Sardinia Island
The essential characteristics and the steps followed in the realization process of the new ±500 kV 1000MW HVDC link Sardinia Island – Italian Peninsula (SAPEI), whose completion was achieved at theend of 2010, are presented in this paper. Notwithstanding the growing application of HVDC links around the world and the acquiredexperience in the area of […]
27 . 08 . 2012
Cesare Pertot
Assessment of Geothermal Power Plants Impact on Air Quality – Effect of H2S
​This study is a regional assessment of the results achieved by the installation of AMIS® abatement systems on geothermal power plants in reducing the potential impact associated with emissions of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercury (Hg) in the Larderello-Travale-Radicondoli Geothermal Area (Tuscany). The AMIS® abatement system has “rated values” of efficiency up to 90% for […]