Technical Papers

Assessment of Geothermal Power Plants Impact on Air Quality – Effect of H2S

Aug . 27 . 2012
​This study is a regional assessment of the results achieved by the installation of AMIS® abatement systems on geothermal power plants in reducing the potential impact associated with emissions of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercury (Hg) in the Larderello-Travale-Radicondoli Geothermal Area (Tuscany). The AMIS® abatement system has “rated values” of efficiency up to 90% for H2S and 95% for Hg. Starting from the year 2002, AMIS® abatement systems have been installed on new and existing geothermal power plants progressively in the frame of a program still in progress. This study evaluated the effects of the AMIS® spread in the geothermal concession comparing the scenario for the year 2003 (27 power plants, 1 with AMIS® for a total installed capacity of about 720 MW) with the 2007 scenario (27 power plants, 10 with AMIS® for a total installed capacity of about 720 MW). The study was conducted both analyzing the air quality measured and by applying the CALMETCALPUFF modelling system.  

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