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08 . 01 . 2019
Aaron Snyder
The Resiliency Continuum
Storm damage can wreak havoc on the electrical distribution system and instantaneously create a major impact on those who continuously depend on unfettered access to electrical energy. “Keeping the lights on” is a bedrock principle of utility operations, but is increasingly being challenged by more frequent and turbulent natural disasters. The quest for greater utility […]
28 . 04 . 2014
Innovative Ingap/Ingaas/Ge Triple Junction Solar Cells for the Future Russian Missions
InGaP /InGaAs/Ge triple junction solar cells with a size of 26.5 cm2, thickness of 120+/- 20 μm and AM0 efficiency class 30% (CTJ30%), have been manufactured and qualified following the ESA ECSS E ST20-08 standard. These solar cells have been developed on a large MOCVD epitaxial reactor, VEECO E450G, suitable to simultaneously process up to […]