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The Resiliency Continuum

08 . Jan . 2019
Storm damage can wreak havoc on the electrical distribution system and instantaneously create a major impact on those who continuously depend on unfettered access to electrical energy. “Keeping the lights on” is a bedrock principle of utility operations, but is increasingly being challenged by more frequent and turbulent natural disasters. The quest for greater utility resiliency is therefore an ongoing pursuit that continuously takes shape over time—on a continuum. This paper serves as a useful resource for grid practitioners who are seeking a strategic resiliency framework with actionable checklist items and one that concurrently aligns with evolving grid modernization efforts. The three resiliency categories presented progressively increase from foundational topics to more forward-leaning initiatives. This time-based progression enables utilities to assess where they fall on the resiliency continuum, their resiliency maturity level, and steps they can take to advance along this resiliency pathway. Read more​ here...​​​​​

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