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Certification of recharging stations for electric vehicles

Feb . 06 . 2014
  The evaluation of conformity of electric products has for years now been a warranty element in the market. Certifying Bodies work in a consolidated way and are acknowledged by national and international reference organizations. The arrival of new products in the market, in particular those for which wide diffusion and usability by the public is expected, requires that the certifying bodies not only guarantee norms and regulations, but also acknowledge all innovative and evolutive aspects. Recharging stations for electric vehicles are a good example: reference norms have been around since the '90s, but are rapidly evolving together with technological innovations and with the diffusion of electric traction in vehicles. Today the reference standard for recharging stations for electric vehicles is IEC 61851-1, from December 2011, which contains substantial performance requirements. In the context of recharging stations for electric vehicles, CESI has been providing testing and certification services since 2004, working both as Test Laboratory and as Certifying Body, having obtained the insertion of these components in its own accreditation. In this context, the first Enel stations in Italy have been certified for public use and for private access areas, and additional certification operations are currently being performed for the new generation of Enel recharging stations.​

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