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Technology to build and operate Supergrid is available today

Technology to build and operate Supergrid is available today
23 . Mar . 2012

​As announced at the inaugural conference Supergrid 2012 on 21 March, FOSG has released a roadmap on the technological challenges for Supergrid. There are no technology show-stoppers to the development of a European Supergrid. For visionary long term planning the availability of key VSC-Grid technologies, such as control and protection methods, main circuit design, grid master control, offshore operation experience and selective fault clearance techniques like DC breakers, can be assumed. This should give confidence to specify grid-enabled point-to-point connections that could be expanded to multi-terminal building blocks for a larger overlaid grid. The critical time-line for introduction of new technology lies primarily in solution of non-technical issues, such as harmonization of Grid Codes, regulatory procedures and revenue models that will create a strong market growth and technology push.
About Friends of the Supergrid
The Friends of the Supergrid (FOSG) is a group of companies and organisations which have a mutual interest in promoting and influencing the policy and regulatory framework required to enable large-scale interconnection in Europe. With a special insight into the technology needed to create Supergrid the Friends will be empowered to build the know-how to deliver it in practice.
FOSG combines companies in sectors that will deliver the High Voltage infrastructure and related technology, together with companies that will develop, install, own and operate that infrastructure. The Friends will design the physical equipment, and work alongside the companies that will build the structures at sea, so that both are empowered to compete and win. The risks of providing this new transmission service will be reduced by the early knowledge gained during the policy formation and design stages.
FOSG is able to present cradle to grave interconnection solutions to policy makers and others looking to develop energy policy across Europe through to 2050.
FOSG members include: 3E, ABB, ACS-Cobra, ALSTOM, CESI, CG, DEME Blue Energy, DONG Energy, Elia, General Electric, Hochtief Solutions AG, INTEL, Mainstream Renewable Power, UK National Grid, Nexans, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Prysmian Cables & Systems, Red Elctrica of Spain, RTE-France, Siemens, Vattenfall, Visser & Smit Marine Contracting and WPD offshore. ​​

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