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CESI supervised the Factory Acceptance Test in China 

CESI supervised the Factory Acceptance Test in China 
07 . Sep . 2023

In the last week of August, CESI supervised the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in China. This mission, part of SCADA Systems Project in Nigeria, aimed to check whether the functions and performances of PCS-9000 Energy Management System (EMS) can meet the specification requirements under the factory simulation test environment, and make sure that the SCADA platform can be delivered to the next step of on-site installation and commissioning stage. 

SCADA Systems Project intend to implement a full-scale state-of-the-art SCADA/EMS and telecommunication systems to monitor and manage in a safe and reliable manner the Nigerian electrical network, as well as monitoring energy exchanges in the interconnected zones. In the last ten years the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has faced important hurdles in communicating with all the electrical sub-stations and connecting the generating stations on a real-time basis, in the last ten years. This has contributed to the country’s power system experiencing multiple system blackouts each year. 

The scope of the CESI activity is supporting TCN in the design, procurement and deployment phases of the project, applying its relevant knowledge in the critical electrification infrastructures to improve quality of life for Nigerians.

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