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CESI, consultant for Ethiopia-Somalia Electricity Interconnections

<strong>CESI, consultant for Ethiopia-Somalia Electricity Interconnections</strong>
29 . May . 2023

CESI has been awarded a contract for the feasibility study of power interconnections between Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Horn of Africa (HOA) region has long grappled with persistent conflicts and fragility. Insufficient access to reliable electricity has been a significant obstacle, inhibiting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, limiting local entrepreneurship, and hampering the effective delivery of essential services such as healthcare and education.

In a bid to address these pressing challenges, a proposed prefeasibility/feasibility study aims to assess the viability of establishing electricity transmission line interconnections between Ethiopia and Somalia. This initiative seeks to align with the priorities of the Horn of Africa Initiative (HOA) by focusing on physical infrastructure investments, providing technical assistance to regional institutions, and promoting regional approaches to service delivery.

The study has primary objectives that include assessing the technical feasibility, evaluating economic viability, designing the interconnections, and establishing suitable institutional and operational frameworks. The technical feasibility assessment will consider grid compatibility, transmission capacity, and system reliability. The economic viability analysis will examine costs, revenue streams, and long-term sustainability. Based on these evaluations, the study will recommend the most feasible option and prepare preliminary designs for the tender process.

Additionally, the study will assess and propose appropriate frameworks for financing, construction, ownership, and operation of the transmission lines to ensure effective and long-term management. These objectives aim to enhance collaboration and cooperation between Ethiopia and Somalia and promote the region’s socio-economic development.

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