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CESI Group CFO has won the 2020 CFO Awards

CESI Group CFO has won the 2020 CFO Awards
14 . Jul . 2021

Marcello Biroli, the CESI Group CFO, has won at the 2020 CFO Awards for his achievements and contributions to the cultural, organizational and technological improvements at CESI Group.

The CFO Awards, which are organized by Associazione Nazionale Direttori Amministrativi e Finanziari (ANDAF) and the consulting firm Accuracy, are aimed at selecting the best Chief Financial Officers in Italy, the CFOs who stood out throughout the years for having developed specific activities and initiatives that were deemed necessary for the growth and betterment of their company.

Specifically, the award was given due to our CFO’s effort in the implementation of unique applications at Group level, the rationalization and centralization of the Treasury and the introduction in a short time of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) logics in an international context comprised of different realities: achievements that were made even more complicated by the pandemic and remote working, but facilitated by an exceptional CESI-KEMA integrated teamwork.

“I am very honored to have received this recognition, which rewards the work of many people of CESI Group, who I simply represented in this selection,” said Biroli, commenting on his prestigious award. “I, therefore, want to thank all my colleagues for their team spirit, the tenacity shown in the most difficult moments and, last but not least, the increased creativity expressed in a year made so complicated by the effects of the pandemic, but equally stimulating for the opportunities that the integration between KEMA and CESI offered, both today and for the foreseeable future,” concluded our CFO.

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