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New KEMA Labs LV White Paper: IEC 61439-1 :2020 WHAT’S NEW?

New KEMA Labs LV White Paper: IEC 61439-1 :2020 WHAT’S NEW?
09 . Nov . 2020

Since its first release in 2009, the IEC 61439 brought to the Low Voltage market several news for the low voltage switchgear assembly manufacturers, giving them a clearer picture of the safety and quality requirements for their products. KEMA Labs (CESI’s Testing, Inspection and Certification Division) has a crucial role in the evolution of such technical standard.

In this respect, our KEMA Labs experts have been involved in National Committees (DKE and CEI) and International Committees (IEC), giving an important contribution for this standard. In fact, after several years, the type-testing still plays the most important role but is in need of continuous improvement. Therefore, after the first update in 2011, the third edition of the standard has been officially published starting from May 2020. Read about it here .

In this context, IEC 61439-1 :2020 What’s New?, the new KEMA Labs LV White Paper focuses on IEC 61439-1:2020. It lays down the general definitions and service conditions, construction requirements, technical characteristics and verification requirements for low-voltage switchgear and control-gear assemblies. 

Moreover, this KEMA Labs White Paper intends to give you an overview of the most important changes of the third edition when compared with the Edition 2 (2011-08) about essential and test-relevant changes.

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