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KEMA Labs White Paper on the new IEC TS63107

KEMA Labs White Paper on the new IEC TS63107
17 . Jul . 2020

Recently published, officialized and therefore now available for utilization, the IEC TS 63107 is a fundamental technical specification that assesses the necessary requirements for integration and testing of internal arc-fault mitigation systems in low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies – PSC-assemblies, according to IEC 61439-2, to demonstrate their correct operation .

The scope and characteristics of IEC TS 63107 are explained, in detail, in our Low-Voltage White Paper, published today on our website .

Our KEMA Labs experts , as members of the IEC Project Team PT63107, have given a strong contribution, working closer with more than 30 worldwide experts to elaborate the new Technical standard, which brings some new safety concept on the LV Switchgear assembly market. Thanks to its long and recognized experience in testing of Low voltage components and mainly switchgear assembly, KEMA Labs Low Voltage, located in Berlin, has recently performed several tests both for assembly and IAMS manufacturers to check the combination of these systems.

The scope of TS 63107 is described in our Low-Voltage White Paper , which clearly states the requirements for integration and testing of IAMS (Internal Arc Mitigation System) in Low-voltage PSC-assemblies according to IEC 61439-2, in order to demonstrate their correct operation. It does not, however, address personnel safety or damage to the PSC-assembly, as such requirements are dealt with IEC TR 61641. IAMS consist of control devices (IACD) and arc-fault reduction devices (IARD) complying with their relevant product standards.

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