LV switchgear assemblies are undoubtedly the components of the electric installation more subjected to the direct intervention of personnel (operations, maintenance, etc.). In case of wrong action or external fault (caused i.e. by animals) an Arc faults may happen and result in catastrophic damages to both switchgear assemblies and humans. Besides, there may be operational losses to critical production processes, which are forced to downtime in case of breakdown. Within a few milliseconds, high amounts of energy are released, generating heat, a pressure wave and toxic gases, like an explosion. Such damages might be reduced by using arcing fault mitigation devices with a quenching time of less milliseconds. Recently officially published, therefore now available for utilization, the IEC TS 63107 states the requirements for integration and testing of internal arc-fault mitigation systems in low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies – PSC-assemblies according to IEC 61439-2 to demonstrate their correct operation. KEMA Labs experts, as a member of the IEC Project Team PT63107, have given a strong contribution, working closer with more than 30 worldwide experts to elaborate the new Technical standard, which brings some new safety concept on the LV Switchgear assembly market.