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CESI | GEPL starts in the Middle East

CESI | GEPL starts in the Middle East
11 . Dec . 2019

Today marks the beginning of Gulf Electrical Power Laboratories (CESI | GEPL)

Today marks the commencement of Gulf Electrical Power Laboratories (CESI|GEPL) operations in the Middle East. Our joint venture with GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory was conceived as a call to stricter specifications of power components compliant to the highest international standards. This state-of-the-art electromechanical testing facility will provide engineering and consultancy services to the MENA region from its soon-to-be-built lab in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The variety of tasks the new lab will be able to provide is impressive. High Power / High Voltage electromechanical components of power grids will be tested with ratings up to 550 kV/63kA. Medium and low voltage testing as well as electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and mechanical testing will also be in the scope of the operating company activities. On-site testing, technical investigations and quality assurance will complete the offer portfolio in order to provide a full-spectrum support to the GCC utilities and industries

Our vision is to enhance performance of the power systems already in place and sustain the electrical industry in the region through the first electromechanical testing platform in the region and largest in the world. With a vision to change towards renewables and diversification of power mix, Saudi remains to be the biggest energy market in the region. 

“The projects successfully carried out in the Gulf region have made it possible for CESI to gain a profound experience encompassing the entire area.  As world leader in power testing and certification for the electricity industry, we are fully committed to providing our experience and strategic approach to establish and localize in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the most important electrical testing facility, fully compliant with the best quality international standards,” said Dr. Matteo Codazzi, CEO CESI. 

Underlining our commitment to fostering a knowledge-based economy, we will be hiring 150 engineers and consultants for GEPL; and appointees from the Gulf will be trained at our facilities in Milan and Germany. Furthermore, Gulf Electrical Power Laboratories will offer an opportunity for growth to the 400 Italian companies working in the Gulf area.​

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