high-power Testing Services

Kema Labs Laboratories provide high-power testing services which include short circuit, switching testing, and short-time current testing based on international and regional standards, to utilities and equipment manufacturers all over the world. Several high-power labs are available in different locations, with short circuit power starting from 2,000MVA up to 15,000 MVA three-phase, the widest range ever achieved in an independent third-party test laboratory.

These industry-leading facilities, together with our highly qualified and experienced test engineers, ensure maximum flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in testing all kinds of transmission and distribution components. Once the test is successfully completed, your component will receive a KEMA LABS type test certificate, a globally recognized guarantee of quality and reliability.

High-Voltage Testing Services

It has become increasingly important to be able to transport energy over longer distances, pushing manufacturers to research, develop and produce components that can operate at higher voltages.

KEMA Labs High-Voltage testing laboratories are renowned independent facilities for testing and certifying medium and high voltage components used in electrical infrastructure.

Our Laboratories can test cables, cable accessories , insulators , power transformers, instrument transformers, GIS, switchgear, panels, and other components, providing electrical testing services, electrical safety testing, and dielectric testing services.

 We have several flexible test bays available and can provide services for several clients at once.