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CESI first testing center for Meters and More

CESI first testing center for Meters and More
01 . Jul . 2015

CESI S.p.A., on June, 9th 2015, has been appointed from the METERS AND MORE Association as the first world-wide testing center for the compliance certification of equipments based on the SMITP (CENELEC) standard.

METERS AND MORE is an international non-profit association based in Brussels with the goal of providing the industry with a proven open protocol for smart metering according to UE  Mandate 441, aimed to achieve standard AMM solutions across the continent. The Association is in charge to make available on an open basis and evolve the protocol specifications (SMITP), certify compliance of new equipments and promote the protocol’s widespread diffusion, including international standardization bodies.
Since its constitution, based on the experiences of the ENEL’s Telegestore and the growing AMI of ENDESA, 48 companies, stakeholders all over the world of the energy and automation market like utilities, suppliers of equipments and components, testing labs and research institutes have joined the Association.

CESI is a global leader in the testing & certification, engineering and technical consulting as well as in the Smart Metering field with its support to the installation of over 50 Million meters in Europe, Asia and Middle East.
CESI is an active member of METERS AND MORE since the beginning, playing responsibility and technical roles at all the levels of the Association. CESI is now entitled to provide testing services to the companies willing their products to be METERS AND MORE certified.

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