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evaluation of ev charge points

Storage & E-mobility
E-mobility infrastructures
The electrification of transport is expected to significantly contribute to decarbonization. From private cars to corporate fleets, from public transport to commercial mobility, the whole system will have to be transformed, particularly in terms of managing supply and integrating electric vehicles into the power grid. CESI’s deep expertise in power grids and power markets, as […]
The mobility sector is being completely revolutionized by sustainability. That’s the main point of Future Mobility, the latest report of UBI Banca realized with the support of CESI. In fact, every company in the sector is positioned in a fast changing environment that cannot be ignored for long-term returns. But we need to take into consideration […]
Products Expertise
Transportation will be the next sector to decarbonise, after electricity. The rise of electric vehicles will bring huge changes to the electricity sector as well as the automotive industry. Kema Labs can help you navigate this new and uncertain landscape. We have the expertise, competence and cutting-edge test facilities to help you take the last […]
CESI on sustainable mobility
26th October 2017 – Milan. Yesterday CESI presented a new report about sustainable mobility realized together with Assolombarda. The report – Sustainable Mobility: Energetic Solutions, Technologies and Business Opportunities – describes sustainable mobility scenario in Italy and Europe up to 2025, giving policymakers updated information and development hypothesis in order to develop energetic and transportation […]