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Discover more about the energy issues through the technical papers written by our experts
28 . 04 . 2014
Long-time behaviour of exposed geomembranes used for the upstream face rehabilitation of concrete and masonry dams
​The use of exposed geomembranes for the rehabilitation of concrete and masonry dams was introduced in Italy in 1976, when the entire upstream face of a 11 m high masonry dam was lined with a 2 mm thick PVC (polyvinyl chloride) geomembrane as waterproofing element (Lago Miller).In the following applications (among which Lago Nero, 1980; […]
09 . 08 . 2013
Davide Capra
Verification of magnetic field prediction of a 3d computer model on mv/lv substation
A 3D computer model has been developed for predicting magnetic fields in order to comply with legislation concerning safety and environment issues. The developed software, named “EMF-CS”, allows the user to predict and simulate magnetic fields generated by electrical MV/LV substations whose magnetic field emission has to be evaluated inside the plant as well as […]
27 . 08 . 2012
Cesare Pertot
Assessment of Geothermal Power Plants Impact on Air Quality – Effect of H2S
​This study is a regional assessment of the results achieved by the installation of AMIS® abatement systems on geothermal power plants in reducing the potential impact associated with emissions of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercury (Hg) in the Larderello-Travale-Radicondoli Geothermal Area (Tuscany). The AMIS® abatement system has “rated values” of efficiency up to 90% for […]
13 . 06 . 2012
Alberto Masera
Dry Stone Masonry Dams, Interpretative analysis of long term horizontal and vertical displacements
​Dry stone masonry dams are a heritage of the beginning of 19th century in Italy, where 15 dams of such typology have been built. These dams are no longer permitted by the Italian dam regulation since 1959 and rockfill dams have been their natural evolution. The object of the analysis is the assessment of long-term […]
23 . 09 . 2010
Giulia Bergamo
Testing of elastomeric isolators for nuclear power plants
Nowadays, the design of nuclear power plants (NPP) is characterized by enhanced safety level. In particular, GEN III+ and GEN IV reactors have to be highly secure and designed to withstand extremely severe external events such as floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, plane crashes, fires and, in particular, earthquakes. Seismic isolation is considered the most promising technology […]
23 . 08 . 2010
Gabriele Carboni
Comparing atmospheric transport models for future regional inversions over Europe – Part 1: mapping the atmospheric CO2 signals
The CO2 source and sink distribution across Europe can be estimated in principle through inverse methods by combining CO2 observations and atmospheric transport models. Uncertainties of such estimates are mainly due to insufficient spatio-temporal coverage of CO2 observations and biases of the models. In order to assess the biases related to the use of different […]