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Discover more about the energy issues through the technical papers written by our experts
23 . 12 . 2015
Uberto Vercellotti
On the way to compare the polarity reversal withstand capability of HVDC mass-impregnated and extruded cable systems
​The reversal of voltage polarity is essential in HVDC cablesystems with Current Source Converters (CSC), since it enables to revert the direction of the power flow. Mass Impregnated Non-Draining (MIND) cables are known tobe able to withstand the voltage polarity reversal without particular problems. TERNA, the Italian Transmission System Operator (TSO), has introduced since many […]
15 . 10 . 2015
Alberto Masera
Mistral Software for online Monitoring System
​The collection, storage and analysis of information concerning a dam are a critical part of surveillance activity toward managing the safety of the structure. An important part on handling of this information is the interpretation of data coming from the monitoring. In addition, the use of automatic instrumentation has resulted in large amounts of data […]
31 . 08 . 2015
Klaus Vaterrodt
Optical PD detection in high voltage cable accessories
Optical partial discharge detection is a new method to perform diagnosis of the insulation system detecting optical signals which are coming up at the same time.This method does not work with the electrical signals which are caused in case of partial discharges though. On the basis of this different physical process, external electrical noise can […]
28 . 04 . 2014
Daria Gatti
Flood management of the Tevere River at Nazzano barrage, upstream Rome
This paper reports the results of a hydrodynamic study developed by an unsteady monodimensional numerical model, supporting the management of Tevere river floods in use by Enel at Nazzano barrage since the 1960s. The model compares the effects of Enel operational criteria with the results obtained by applying the principles indicated by National Technical Services […]
28 . 04 . 2014
Marina Eusebio
Campotosto Dams, an experience of the importance of back analysis for the evaluation of geotechnical properties
This paper contains the results of the back analysis performed after the earthquake of April 2009 (L’Aquila Central Italy) on the Rio Fucino gravity dam (reservoir of Campotosto, L’Aquila).The elaboration of the back analysis made it possible to estimate the shear strength at the contact surface between the dam and the rock foundation and the […]
28 . 04 . 2014
Caterina De Bellis
Sustainable management of hydroelectric basins: multicriteria analysis on social and environmental assessment of alternative sites for settlement of dug sediments
​Referring to the management of artificial basins, the reservoir sedimentation caused by erosion process and the consequent sediment transport and deposit in the basin is a fundamental aspect to be considered. The filling, or partial filling, with silt of a reservoir that receives fine-grained sediment brought in by streams and surface runoff leads to a […]