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Optical PD detection in high voltage cable accessories

31 . Aug . 2015
Optical partial discharge detection is a new method to perform diagnosis of the insulation system detecting optical signals which are coming up at the same time.This method does not work with the electrical signals which are caused in case of partial discharges though. On the basis of this different physical process, external electrical noise can be neglected and it can be obtained a much better usability in the field. Based on the fundamental physical studies carried on by BAM, HPS, IPH, Polymerics and TU Berlin beforehand, this study presents the application of this detection technique as well as a possible solution of its integration into high voltage cable accessories. In this way the setup of an integrated optical fiber including its embedding is explained. Furthermore, several requirements and their solution are presented such as void free integration, mechanical stresses inside the system and electrical tests (AC, DC and Impulse). The paper shows the outcomes of an integrated and operating system and compares the gathered results with an electrical measurement which was done simultaneously.​

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