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08 . 01 . 2019
Aaron Snyder
The Resiliency Continuum
Storm damage can wreak havoc on the electrical distribution system and instantaneously create a major impact on those who continuously depend on unfettered access to electrical energy. “Keeping the lights on” is a bedrock principle of utility operations, but is increasingly being challenged by more frequent and turbulent natural disasters. The quest for greater utility […]
30 . 11 . 2018
Katia Bernardi
Analisi del Ciclo di Vita (LCA, Life Cycle Assessment) di una linea di trasmissione HVAC in cavo in doppia terna a 380 kV
L’articolo ha lo scopo di illustrare in forma sintetica il lavoro sin qui svolto da Terna in collaborazione con CESI per la valutazione del ciclo di vita (LCA) i una linea di trasmissione HVAC in cavo in doppia terna a 380 kV.​​​​
31 . 10 . 2018
Alessandro Bertani
Ferroresonance in Inductive Voltage Transformers Or Power Voltage Transformers: analysis, laboratory tests and solutions
A ferroresonance analysis related to HV Inductive Voltage Transformers (IVT) and Power Voltage Transformers or Station Service Transformers (PVT/SST) was addressed to develop models based on EMT formulation, enabling detailed ferroresonance risk analyses in specific HV station conditions and helping in the equipment technical specifications (including anti-ferroresonance remedial provisions). The research relied on a comparison […]
05 . 10 . 2018
Bruno Cova
Assessing the impact of transmission investments on the Italian Ancillary Services Market using MODIS simulator
The justification of transmission investments is becoming more complex and challenging with respect to the past decades since environmentally friendly solutions shall be adopted and the benefits for the society must be clearly highlighted and quantified. Clear and objective indicators of the benefits arising from transmission projects are playing a key role to foster the […]
31 . 08 . 2018
Davide Capra
Issues related to spark discharges
In the general public environment, ambient power-frequency electric fields are relatively small, except when near high-voltage (HV) transmission lines. Electric fields from aerial HV transmission lines are greatest directly under the conductors and decrease with. In occupational environments, elevated electric fields also exist in HV substations/switchyards, and in particular under busbars/equipment. Other sources of power-frequency […]
11 . 03 . 2016
Bruno Cova
A new approach for seasonal outlook adequacy evaluation
According to the Regulation (EC) No 714/2009 ENTSO-E and the TSO Community strive for a secure, resilient, flexible, adequate and well interconnected pan-European power system, and they are acting unanimously to develop the most suitable responses to the challenges of the energy transition and digital transformation. The publishing of Summer and Winter Outlook, twice per year, […]