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18 . 02 . 2019 | Gerd Heidmann
Characterization of Transparent Fluorescent Silicones for Optical Monitoring of High-Voltage Cable AccessoriesThe mechanical and electrical properties of new transparent silicone materials modified with two fluorescent dyes were investigated by measuring stress-strain behaviour, electrical breakdown strength, capacity and dissipation factor, before and after thermal ageing, as well as electrical and optical partial discharges. Mechanical properties of […]
12 . 02 . 2019
Klaus Vaterrodt
PD in cable accessories
Optical PD detection in high voltage cable accessories A novel method in order to perform diagnosis of the insulation system is optical partial discharge detection. This method does not work with the electrical signals which are caused in case of partial discharges but rather detects the optical signals which are coming up at the same […]
05 . 02 . 2019
Gerd Heidmann
PD optical fibre
Progress in optical PD detection for translucent and transparent HV cable accessories with improved fluorescent optical fibresIn a previous paper we introduced sensitive and interference-immune optical PD measurements on HV cable accessories and presented first results. Since then, our investigations tried to cover all important aspects that lead to further improved sensitivity for optical PD […]
28 . 01 . 2019
Frank Busse
Short-term PD monitoring
Short-term partial discharge monitoring as a diagnostic tool on 400 kV XLPE cable This paper describes the full measurement method and the technique of distributed, fully synchronous short-term partial discharge monitoring at five groups of joints and two groups of terminations on a 400 kV cable in the cable tunnel of 50Hertz in Berlin.Besides the description of […]
28 . 01 . 2019
Uberto Vercellotti
Proving reliability of High Voltage cable systems: AC and DC critical aspects
In a changing electrical market, driven by renewable energies, the target is to get wind or solar energy to the cons​umption centers. Nowadays Transmission System Operators (TSO) are worldwide searching for innovative solutions in developing the transmission grid and, as a result, it is likely that the application of extra high voltage AC and DC […]
21 . 01 . 2019
Wolfgang Manzke
Technical design requirements and test experiences on Composite Hollow Core Insulators regarding pollution performance under AC and DC stress
This paper is a common approach of manufacturers of insulators, electrical equipment, transmission system and test labs to verify the expected behaviour in laboratory and outdoor tests. For the electrical design of composite insulators, different material properties and shed profiles for AC and DC conditions have to be taken into account respectively, considering the recommendations […]