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New trends of the electrical market: challenges and opportunities for HV Cables

05 . Mar . 2019
​In a changing electrical market, driven by renewable energies, the target is to get wind or solar energy to the consumption centers. Nowadays Transmission System Operators (TSO) are worldwide searching for innovative solutions in developing the transmission grid and, as a result, it is likely that the application of extra high voltage AC and DC transmission systems on land will strongly increase in the coming years. On the other hand, heavy investment projects to integrate renewable energy sources are proliferating. These efforts are boosting the demand for grid components and utilities and network operators need to know the components they choose in order to deliver the highest quality levels. A Certification through testing and in accordance with international standards is the only way to provide the reassurance for a specific quality level. Through impartial testing based certification against relevant industry standards, third parties help component manufacturers to give to their customer complete reassurance that their equipment is of the highest quality. So Utilities and network operators can be confident of delivering a reliable electricity supply.

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