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08 . 09 . 2020
EnerNex role in the SCE’s Grid Modernization Project
Over the last years, EnerNex, a CESI company, has been working with Southern California Edison (SCE) in the process of implementing Smart Grid applications as part of an ongoing grid modernization effort in the United States.
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07 . 08 . 2020
CESI’s implementation of the electric regional market ECOWAS
CESI has obtained a crucial project concerning the development of the regional Grid Code WAPP (West African Power Pool)
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15 . 07 . 2020
Connection requirements and key challenges to implement VRES into the grid
“Renewables: new connection requirements and main challenges to get them into the grid”, the new CESI webinar, will review the evolution of the connection requirements providing an outlook of the necessary grid impact and compliance studies to successfully get renewables into the network, in the context of the new paradigms, opportunities and challenges of the highly decarbonized electricity sector
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