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KEMA Labs: New Tests to Enhance the EVs Affordability  

<strong>KEMA Labs: New Tests to Enhance the EVs Affordability  </strong>
05 . Jul . 2023

KEMA Labs in Berlin has initiated a project to address the technical requirements for DC components in electric vehicles (EVs). While significant attention is being devoted to developing efficient batteries and charging infrastructure, the introduction of new EV components necessitates specialized testing capabilities. Traditional test benches, with their higher circuit inductance, do not meet the demands of automotive applications. Consequently, KEMA Labs is constructing a new test bench with unique characteristics.

In particular, to facilitate testing under extreme temperature conditions, the test object can be placed in an explosion-proof climatic chamber. The capability to conduct destructive tests on switching devices under various temperature conditions is exceptional. The new test system allows for multiple switching cycles without fully discharging the capacitor bank. Moreover, in the event of a test object failure, the circuit absorbs the entire energy of the bank without any associated risks.

In detail, the project features a system consisting of 14 control cabinets equipped with bidirectional DC power supply, enabling the charging and discharging of a 1500 VDC capacitor bank. The bank provides the necessary energy for testing. The system incorporates an impulse generator with resistors and safety systems that can reliably set the current up to 35 kA. Notably, this system can deliver a high, nearly constant current at up to 1500 VDC for milliseconds.

This program has also been extensively covered by the automotive website .  

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