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CESI: Report on North Africa’s Hydrogen Potential

CESI: Report on North Africa’s Hydrogen Potential
19 . Dec . 2023

CESI is pleased to announce the release of its new report, “Towards a Sustainable Hydrogen Ecosystem,” developed in collaboration with AFRY Management Consulting, Grupo Mercados Energéticos Consultores (GME Global), Prysmian Group, and RINA for the RES4Africa Foundation.

This comprehensive document offers a detailed analysis of the green hydrogen landscape in North Africa, exploring the potential and challenges of introducing this eco-friendly energy source in countries like Egypt and Morocco. The report draws on global experiences and insights to assess the future growth prospects of green hydrogen.

In the report, CESI examines the various configurations of the green hydrogen value chain, highlighting the specific advantages and disadvantages of each model. It also provides an overview of different electrolyzer technologies and compares energy storage methods, such as batteries versus hydrogen storage. Additionally, the report presents CESI’s perspective on the export potential of Morocco and Egypt, linking it to the European Union’s criteria for classifying hydrogen as “renewable.” It also discusses the challenges related to clean energy production in North Africa.

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