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10 new members for the Open Power Grids Association

10 new members for the Open Power Grids Association
06 . Apr . 2023

The second General Assembly of the Open Power Grids Association was held this week in Rome. The meeting was attended by representatives of more than 20 members, including 10 new members since the last assembly held in December 2022.

The organization, of which CESI is one of the founders along with the Italian DSOs Areti (ACEA Group), Inrete (Hera Group), Deval (CVA Group) Edyna (Alperia Group), Ireti (Iren Group), SET Distribuzione (Dolomiti Energia Group), Unareti (A2A Group), and the industrial and technology groups ABB, thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel, and Tratos, was born from an initiative of Enel Grids, is unique in that it involves electrical distributors, manufacturers of components for the electrical industry, engineering companies and even raw material producers with the aim of sharing, from an open perspective, the technical specifications that can accelerate the transformation of infrastructure towards sustainability and zero emissions. More sustainable distribution networks for all through collaboration, innovation and development is the goal we are pursuing.

OPG members will pursue technical work in nine groups focusing on: transformers; high voltage (HV) lines; HV equipment; medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) lines; MV/LV equipment; protection and control devices; emergency equipment; HV systems; and MV/LV systems. The operational prioritization work will proceed in an open and collaborative manner, prioritizing convergence toward sustainable solutions as an accelerator of the industrial system transformation that individual actors cannot pursue alone.

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