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The new ISMES is born

The new ISMES is born
01 . Jan . 2022

Due to the context of profound change within the infrastructure sector both in Italy and globally, and in light of the significant investments presented in the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan, CESI Group has decided to focus its commitment even more on civil engineering, in order to satisfy in the most effective manner the needs of our current and future customers.

Therefore, from January 1st, 2022, within our Group, ISMES is “reborn” as a company through the merger with the testing activities on building materials carried out by ISTEDIL.

The new ISMES is now totally dedicated to civil and infrastructure engineering, and it will be able to provide its customers with consulting, services and tests. The name will remain ISMES, as we intend to enhance those resources, skills and experiences that have offered, over the decades, a unique contribution to the development of the Italian infrastructure sector.

For this purpose, it was decided to transfer to ISTEDIL S.p.A. – 100% controlled by CESI – the business unit responsible for consulting and services in the field of civil engineering and infrastructure, previously part of the CESI Consulting Division.

ISMES activities will embrace the entire life cycle of infrastructures, as we aim to support customers in every phase of their civil engineering projects: feasibility studies and structural/safety assessments; hydrogeological risk analysis; design and construction management; design, installation and maintenance of structures and territory monitoring systems; consultancy and design activities in the dam safety and hydropower fields; diagnostics of existing structures.

From the new organization, ISMES emerges strengthened and enriched with distinctive skills. The new structure will be equipped with the necessary flexibility to respond efficiently and innovatively to the innumerable and increasingly complex needs of the sector. Even the traditional activity of the former ISTEDIL, which will continue to use its own brand in its specific reference markets, will be enhanced through the synergies that will be created.

​​​​​​​As the future holds concrete and advantageous opportunities for our customers, ISMES will be the effective partner to seize them together.

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