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CIGRE 2022: services and products by KEMA Labs

CIGRE 2022: services and products by KEMA Labs
30 . Aug . 2022

KEMA Labs (the CESI Testing, Inspection and Certification Division) is presenting several of its main services, mostly in the areas of High Voltage and High Power , at the 2022 CIGRE Technical Exhibition in Paris.

At our booth 314, on the 3 rd floor of the Palais des Congrès , the KEMA Labs expert will present our services in regard to SF6-replacement technologies, natural esters in transformers , HVDC transmission grids and E-mobility .

Amongst the solutions presented, during the CIGRE exhibit KEMA Labs expert will speak about how we recently extended our HVDC testing capabilities (new test bays and performance of the first TOV test ) to support the significant growth of investments that our clients are putting in this sector. These are fundamental tests to avoid power outages , which is something paramount especially during the times we are living.

Another strategic industry that is running towards the goal of decarbonization is transportation . To support this transition, in this respect, at CIGRE we showcase how KEMA Labs developed a new test bench for automotive products , battery packs, and storage systems covering the entire E-mobility value chain.

In addition, we are presenting several important services related to rotating electrical machines , power transformers and reactors, T&D equipment , insulated cables , overhead lines substations , dc systems and power electronics, protection and automation , information systems and telecommunication .

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