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CIGRE top delegation visits KEMA Labs

CIGRE top delegation visits KEMA Labs
17 . May . 2022

Michel Augonnet (Chair CIGRE International), Philippe Adam (Secretary CIGRE International) and Wessel Bakker (Chair CIGRE Netherlands) visited KEMA Labs in Arnhem on May 13. Bas Verhoeven (High Voltage Labs Director) and Rene Smeets (KEMA Labs expert) hosted the CIGRE top delegation and introduced them on the knowledge, capabilities, and testing assets within KEMA Labs.

A discussion followed on KEMA Labs experience, showing that it is very important to test all the grid components due to the continuous innovation.

For CIGRE, an important message that should be shared with the T&D sector.

The meeting was followed by an extensive tour in our High Power & High Voltage labs. The CIGRE delegates were impressed by the seize, capabilities and professional services KEMA Labs brings to the global T&D market.

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