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CESI analysis of solid biomass benefits in Italy

CESI analysis of solid biomass benefits in Italy
02 . Sep . 2022

CESI has recently completed an economic analysis of the Italian electricity system assessing the medium-term benefits of existing plants that use solid biomass, which was carried out for Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH), a vertically integrated energy utility operating gas infrastructure businesses (transmission, distribution, and storage).

The analysis was carried out by using the energy scenarios of the current Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), as well as the energy and capacity values of the RES 2020 statistical report of the GSE (2022).

In this respect, our data showed that closing the existing plants for the production of electricity from biomass would lead to a loss of 4-5 TWh of renewable energy in Italy, which would require to procure about 1billion cubic meters/year of additional gas to generate the same amount of electricity. As the current energy crisis is showing its effects, this would adversely impact on an already complicated scenario, in which Italy would become even more dependent from gas imports.

Furthermore, biomass plants bring several benefits to the Italian economy. For instance, they constantly and profitably facilitate the recovery of residual materials from key sectors such as timber and wine production, as well as food farming. Moreover, the possibility of using forest residues to produce electricity enhances these materials and allows the forest to be kept healthy, reducing forest fires and hydrogeological risks.

In addition, the sector makes a direct and indirect employment contribution to the country, specifically in the agricultural, engineering, and electrical sectors that employ over 5,000 workers.

Learn more about our analysis by clicking on this link.

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