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CESI successfully completed the first set of User Device – Open Meter integration tests

CESI successfully completed the first set of User Device – Open Meter integration tests
21 . Apr . 2021

E-Distribuzione has recently started a collaboration with certification laboratories, that have proven experience in the world of electronic equipment tests , regarding data transmission via powerline, for the execution of integration tests of User Devices (UD) with intelligent electricity meters “Open Meter” , supplied by E- Distribuzione .

As KEMA Labs (CESI’s Testing, Inspection and Certification Division) is one of the key partners of E-Distribuzione in this initiative, in our new test bench – belonging to the DIGITAL LAB unit – the first test for one Italian DU Manufacturer has been successfully completed, with the aim of verifying the compatibility , from the point of view of communication, between the DUs and the Open Meters by means of the communication protocol used on the Chain 2 channel.

These tests are performed in fully autonomy in our laboratory in a five working days’ time frame, based on the Italian CEI Standard 13-82, 13-83 and 13-84 and with the support of E-Distribuzione technical guideline. The verification of compatibility and, in general, the passing of the integration tests by the UDs are preparatory to the activation of the Chain 2 Full 2.0 service .

Moreover, CESI has been selected by other DU manufacturers for performing the Integration tests in the coming weeks. “Once again, Italy proves to be at the forefront of the electricity sector”, says Alessandro Bertani (Services and Smart Technologies Director – CESI) . “The sharing of certified and reliable data from the same source, the Smart-meter , is a fundamental starting point for developing post-meter services and involving user in an increasingly aware usage of energy sources”, concludes the CESI expert.

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