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CESI and E-Distribuzione collaborate on User Device – Open Meter integration tests

CESI and E-Distribuzione collaborate on User Device – Open Meter integration tests
24 . Mar . 2021

E-Distribuzione has started a collaboration with certification laboratories, that have proven experience in the world of electronic equipment tests , with regard to data transmission via powerline, for the execution of integration tests of User Devices (UD) with intelligent electricity meters “Open Meter” supplied by E- Distribuzione .

Due to its expertise and state-of-the-art certification laboratories, KEMA Labs (CESI’s Testing, Inspection and Certification Division) is one of the key partners of E-Distribuzione in this initiative. In this respect, in our Smart Metering Laboratories , in a space of less than 400 m2, we have created a test bench system with more than 2,000 electrical loads running simultaneously, including household appliances, lights, various electronic devices and typical industrial equipment, equivalent to a town of around 1,400 residents, to test how meters interact with real power loads.

The tests that we will carry out within this initiative have the purpose of verifying the compatibility , from the point of view of communication, between the DUs and the Open Meters by means of the communication protocol used on the Chain 2 channel. E-Distribuzione has defined and verified the procedure for the integration tests that will be carried out by our laboratories in complete autonomy , for the companies that intend to have their UD checked.

The verification of compatibility and, in general, the passing of the integration tests by the UDs are preparatory to the activation of the Chain 2 Full 2.0 service .

If you are interested in this activity, please send an e-mail to:

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