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Exclusive John Kerry’ statement and more special content: EJ 20 is out

Exclusive John Kerry’ statement and more special content: EJ 20 is out
08 . Oct . 2021

“It’s now Time to Make our Future Sustainable”, the new issue of Energy Journal, CESI House Organ, is now available. This is a special edition of EJ, as it features a statement – released in this format exclusively for our magazine – by the US Special Presidential Climate Envoy, John Kerry.

But there is more: EJ 20 introduces to the readers the new Chairman of CESI Group, Guido Bortoni – former President and Commissioner of ARERA, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment; moreover, this issue of Energy Journal also presents an abstract of the new CESI study on the impact of hydrogen on the Italian energy scenario, which is now available for free at this link.

In general, “It’s now Time to Make our Future Sustainable” focuses on the theme of sustainability, in the hope that national governments and regulators around the world, as well as local communities and other institutions, will collaborate through partnerships to foster real action for a better tomorrow.

Following the Editorial by CESI’s new Chairman, Mr. Bortoni and by Matteo Codazzi, confirmed as Group CEO for the three-year period 2021- 2023, EJ 20 features a very impactful statement by John Kerry, who asserts that “The impact of the climate crisis, from extreme heat to wildfires to intense rainfall and flooding, will only continue to intensify unless we choose another course for ourselves and the generations to come. All major economies must commit to aggressive climate action during this critical decade.” Other, very significant interviews are included in the Opinions section, where you can read the words of Guido Bortoni (Chairman of CESI), Massimo Garribba (Deputy Director-General – Directorate General Energy at the European Commission) and Douglas J. Arent (Executive Director of Strategic Public Private Partnerships at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory – NREL).

In addition, Top Story is dedicated to an analysis of the “Roadmap for the Global Energy Transformation” by IEA, in order to assess how promoting clean energy and reducing the use of fossil fuels can create millions of jobs and drive economic growth. As the push toward sustainability has the potential to create new jobs, the section New Skills focuses on how the skillset of electrical engineers are evolving, in order to meet the needs and be ready to face the challenges of the energy transition. Furthermore, the One on One section is centered around the comparison between green hydrogen and blue hydrogen, in order to find which of the two offers the most sustainable solution.

Last, but certainly not least, in Future and Technology this issue of EJ offers an overview of the latest, most cutting-edge projects and initiatives by CESI group in regards with sustainability: Tests for electric mobility, alternatives for SF6 gas, project consulting for the Governments of Kyrgyzstan and Oman, environmental monitoring for the largest dams around the world, as well as the above-mentioned study on the impact of hydrogen on the Italian power system. 

You can read and download EJ 20, for free, at this link.

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