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EJ Last Issue: Clean Mobility, time to hit the road

EJ Last Issue: Clean Mobility, time to hit the road
29 . May . 2020

COVID-19 unfortunately is heavily affecting people as well as social activities around the world. In these troubled times, CESI has decided to continue its projects, reaffirming in the meantime its crucial commitment to health and safety. The new issue of our Energy Journal has been realized under these critical circumstances for citizens and industries globally .

It highlights how future and technology are blending together to develop new scenarios of sustainable mobility. Electric cars are the subject of our Top Story, as we describe how the electrification of vehicles makes transport more efficient from an energy standpoint and reduces both the production of greenhouse gasses and our dependence on oil. The focal point of Scenario is the importance and benefits of sustainable mobility, as well as the possible transition with natural gas. In Industries & Countries, we carried out an interesting and useful comparative analysis of countries at the forefront of electric mobility (China, Europe, United States). Opinions, our interview section, presents a virtual debate amongst key figures in the world of mobility and transport. Future & Technology is dedicated to CESI’s testing activities in the context of electric mobility, highlighting the evolution of charging Infrastructures and their benefits for the whole system.

As the market is evolving towards electric vehicles, because they drastically reduce CO2 emissions and their performance is now on par with traditional models, CESI is working side by side with the automotive industry to promote decarbonization by providing its experience and facilities for testing the reliability of electric vehicles (EVs), charging systems and their interaction with the grid. This issue of our Energy Journal will explore the sector in all its nuances and more.

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