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Transmission & Distribution
HVAC Infrastructures
Both developing and industrialized countries are heavily investing to upgrade their power systems to ensure reliable and efficient power supplies and to facilitate energy trading with neighboring countries. At the same time, the traditional transmission network model is coming under pressure from the spread of distributed generation . With few technological breakthroughs likely in new […]
Transmission & Distribution
HVDC Infrastructures
The number of interconnections between power networks in different countries, or inside a single country with wide geographical spread, is growing, highlighting the need for high voltage direct current ( HVDC ) technologies, which can carry power over long distances, undersea if necessary and enable the linking of asynchronous networks . CESI is one of […]
About us
CESI Middle East FZE
CESI Middle East FZE, headquartered in Dubai UAE and with Branch and project offices all over the Gulf region, is a leading local technical consulting and engineering company with more than nine  years of localized experience providing testing and certification services to the electromechanical industry as well as consulting and engineering services to the energy […]
Studies & Permitting
Environmental studies
CESI has long experience in environmental studies and permitting issues. We oversee complex projects, identifying site-specific constraints and assessing technology alternatives and their environmental impacts . This includes pre-operation evaluations of potential impacts , the mitigation required and infrastructure monitoring. We work with clients during the entire authorization process, drawing on our extensive experience of […]
Studies & Permitting
CESI provides consultancy and support to clients from the early stages of their projects through to completion. By helping clients integrate environmental, social and cultural issues into the project planning process early on, we ensure they achieve their environmental objectives, avoid significant public concerns and delays to approval, and we enable them to save capital […]
Renewables & Green Hydrogen
On-shore and Off-shore Wind
Wind energy will lead the way in the transformation of the global electricity sector. By 2050, there could be  more than 5,000 GW of installed wind capacity, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency [1], generating more than 35% of total electricity supply. The evolution of the wind industry has been rapid and remarkable, allowing […]
About Us
Sustainability Policy
At CESI, we observe the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, considering them essential tenets that influence our operational and strategic decisions. Our affiliation with the UN Global Compact underscores our dedication to responsible business practices, echoing our commitment to sustainability and ethical conduct as well as our support the United Nations Sustainable […]
Doing Business in a sustainable way
​Euro-zone is facing an economic crisis that can undermine the commitment to tackle environmental issues. This is one of the key messages by the European Environmental Agency, reported in a recent publication entitled “Building the future we want”. The 2012 edition explores the environmental impacts of our consumption and production patterns and how these can […]