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Our fundraising to support the fight against COVID-19

Our fundraising to support the fight against COVID-19
08 . Jun . 2020

As the spread of COVID-19 and its consequences are, unfortunately, heavily affecting people as well as social activities around the world, CESI Group decided to offer help to those who need it most, as we have done in the past.

In order to offer support during such a critical time, each employee has donated one or more hours of their remuneration. The total sum gathered during the initiative has been doubled by CESI Group, as to make the donation even more sizeable. The final amount was donated, in part, to the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan and, in part, to the Caritas of Milan, Seriate and Piacenza to support projects regarding the social emergency due to the spread of the virus. In addition, we have provided different schools in Milan with twenty laptops, in order for the students to have access to remote education during the lockdown.

Regarding the Luigi Sacco Hospital, our donation will help those who need care because of COVID-19 by providing new beds for infectious hospitalization of children and positive parents, clinical instrumentation for patient management of people with respiratory deficiency and surgical urgencies and supporting the preparation of a new ward designed to welcome patients in critical conditions. It is equally fundamental, however, to protect those who take care of the patients. In this respect, CESI’s donation will reinforce the medical personnel by providing implementation of training courses, psychological support and performing consistent tests on doctors and nurses.

As the current emergency is, also, a social crisis, CESI’s support to the Caritas of Milan, Seriate and Piacenza will provide help to those who are struggling the most due to the financial outcome of the virus. Our donation will reinforce essential services for a particularly weak segment of the population by distributing masks, gloves and all the devices for individual protection that are necessary. In addition, we will help the Caritas to arrange facilities for patients in the hospital discharge phase, who still need to continue isolation and medical assistance.

Even the electricity industry is suffering from the impact of this crisis, an essential service that can’t afford interruptions, especially under these circumstances. In this respect, we have decided to continue supporting our customers, affirming in the meantime our crucial commitment to the health and safety for our colleagues. Following both the WHO’s and Local Authorities guidelines, CESI shared and implemented several measures with all its employees, customers and partners. We have undertaken most of our services, always considering Country-specific measures for health and safety; yet, our laboratories in Milan, Arnhem, Berlin, Mannheim, Chalfont and Prague continue to be operational, in order to offer their essential services to our customers.

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