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25 . Oct . 2017

​October 24th 2017 – Campo Imperatore (AQ). Today a new Meteomont’s automatic station of the Italian army has been inaugurated. The station will be useful to monitor and  collect data about snowfalls and snow situation preventing possible disasters. CESI has contributed to the realization of the station thanks to its recognized technological and engineering skills. CESI has offered its contribution through the installation of a video camera, a sensor for net solar radiation and innovative systems for data acquisition. These tools will help in real-time data detection, making them accessible to citizens and to the scientific community directly This is an important step after Rigopiano tragedy, when in January 2017 a major avalanche killed twenty nine people and injured eleven others. The Italian Army has realized the new station upon the request of the Abruzzi Region. This is not the first action in this respect: on May a specific Battalion of the 9th Alpine Regiment has been created in order to collaborate with Civil protection in case of emergency.

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