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EJ’s new issue: the energy revolution

EJ’s new issue: the energy revolution
04 . May . 2016

​The new issue of Energy Journal depicts the energy revolution underway today, from Latin America to the Middle East, Africa and Europe, and explores how countries are making a concrete commitment to resolving the greatest challenge facing their future: climate change. In this sense, the top story of EJ shows why and how Paris extends beyond Kyoto.
The expansion of renewable energy sources in   global markets emerges also from other articles: “Energy 2050,” the new strategic energy plan approved in Chile, aims to guarantee that 70% of all Chile’s energy is gleaned from “green” sources by mid-century. At SAIREC, South Africa unveiled plans for 360-degree development around renewable sources .
Another  interesting article is focused on the energy transition in the Middle East, that is not only aiming to satisfy domestic demand with renewable energy sources, but also designing interconnection systems that extend into North Africa, Asia and even Europe.
An interview with Bruno Riga, Generation manager and Director, EMGESA, and Domenico Andreis, Engineering & Environment – Ismes Division Director at CESI is on the increasingly interesting energy market in Colombia.
Finally, Domenico Villani, Director testing and certification Division at CESI underlines how customers expect products to conform to specific requirements, certified by independent laboratory.
We hope you enjoy reading our magazine.

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